The brainchild of Frank F, SICKLE RECORDS is an independent label born in 2019 to give the right value and space to music and art in their most extreme form: it produces, distributes, promotes and supports bands/artists devoted to musical genres ranging from Industrial to Noise, from Drone to new experimentations and contaminations.

No boundaries nor compromises – SICKLE RECORDS wants to fluster and
destabilize the listener.

SICKLE RECORDS’ whole expression is based on confrontation with pain: it supports painting, poetry, video installations, tattooing/body piercing and every form of art able to evoke pain – including bondage and body suspension.


Those are the most prominent features of the label.

Frank F was born in 1980 in Italy and is a polistrumentist, producer and promoter.

He’s been part of the music business since 1995: his career started with musical experimentations made with an extended knowledge of various instruments and continued by supporting many bands. He moved to Berlin in 2009, where he met Alessandro Ielo and founded Effter – he eventually moved back to Italy and thereafter became producer for his music label AUSR Digital in 2017.

In 2018 he gave birth to his most important project: BLOCKHAUS. This video installation combines history, music and photography and has been widely exposed throughout Europe. Alongside his musical projects, Frank F is also a criminologist, poet and painter and loves abandoned place photography, too.

© Sickle Records | Inspired by pain since 2019 | info@sicklerecords.com